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B2B marketplace is the mission of Bano India

by Bano India
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B2B marketplace is our mission: Bano India

B2B Marketplace with Bano India is a New Era in spreading your business online. While In 2020 wasn’t easy,  Bano India made it through by coming together. For any business that might benefit from sharp market insights right now. Bano India is a B2B Marketplace, and here to help you.

In the face of continued uncertainty into 2021, the connection is critical. Wherever you are in the world, Bano India is a B2B marketplace that is here to support you through whatever challenges may come. It’s not just our pleasure. It’s our mission.

Bano India’s  experience

In Bano India Clients may come to us for many reasons…

  • We have carried out over 1,000 B2B market projects across every state and every industry vertical allowing powerful cross-industry experience we can share with every client.
  • We focus on b2b markets and the fact that we have a team that encompasses the most experienced marketers, statisticians, and strategy development consultants in the industry.
  • Not just B2B Marketers! We use the research insights we collect to help drive tactical and strategic action and provide insights in a commercial context.
  • Bano India’s ability to manage every stage of a project in-house enables us to obsess and deliver back the most thorough and robust piece of research possible.
  • We have pioneered new research techniques and introduced new models and frameworks now used by hundreds of corporations across the world.

 Bano India’s approach

  • Not any hidden fees – we believe in transparency
  • Not Any ‘black boxes’ surrounding our data analysis or analytical tools we use
  • limitless duration of time we spend communicating with different teams within our client.
  • Bano India has no arbitrary upper limit to the output we produce.
  • Flexibility in pursuing analysis that joins together your internal data and the external insight we have collected.

So what sets B2B International apart from other B2B research agencies?

Bano India’s market research methods about B2B Marketplace 

B2B research puts equal importance on every data collection technique there are face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews, focus groups, e-interviews (website/e-mail questionnaires), or desk research, and sometimes an amalgamation of them. Through, our deep knowledge base of skills and industry experience, we’ll bring incomparable background and thought to any scientific research.

Moreover, we also understand that clients increasingly want more out of marketing research data. As such, we always look to use a good range of statistical and analytical techniques to urge maximum insight from research.

Bano India’s values about B2B Marketplace

There are three key values on which we have built the company as it exists today:

Bano India has experience in B2B Marketplace!

Bano India’s history in B2B market research dates back over 40 years. Therefore, understand b2b marke

ts better than anyone else and are the B2B research experts.

Bano India has the knowledge of B2B Marketplace!

Bano India understands that knowledge is the foundation upon which every decision is made. From all the information we gather we are translators of knowledge for our clients. which enables them to make strategic and tactical moves with confidence.

Bano India is committed to you about B2B Marketplace!

Everything we do is with our clients in mind. It is our commitment to you that if you come to B2B International, we will help you do better business in the future.



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