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Easter Sunday with Bano India brings you lots of happiness

by Bano India
Easter Sunday with Bano India

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday with Bano India brings you lots of happiness. May your life be full of happiness. On this Easter Sunday with Bano India,  you can connect with your business and promote it. Easter Sunday is celebrated all over the world with great pomp, in view of the solidarity of auspicious days for the Christian community. It begins in Lent and ends with Holy Week, including Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and finally Easter Sunday. As a result, Easter marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Easter Sunday with Bano India

History Of Easter

According to the Bible, Jesus was crucified on the exact Friday and buried in the tomb which is celebrated as holy after his Lord’s Supper. However, when his disciples visited his tomb on the third day, he saw that the tomb was empty. This makes him the ‘Son of God‘, the day is also a symbol of victory over the death of Christ. The Easter festival marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, contrary to popular belief, Easter wasn’t always the day Christ was resurrected. Previously, it had been a pagan celebration that marked rebirth and renewal, celebrated in early spring. The day honored Easter, the pagan Saxon goddess.

Things soon changed when the first missionaries converted the Saxons to Christianity. With this, the day of the celebration clashed and it came to be called Easter. to keep with an equivalent, the meaning of Easter also underwent a change so as to indicate the new Christian orientation.

Easter Sunday with Bano India


Many Christians all around the world celebrate Easter with special church services, music, candlelight, flowers, and the ringing of church bells. It also has its commercial side, in addition to the religious significance of Easter. In the UK people give each other chocolate Easter eggs and Easter bunnies, with Easter egg hunts taking place in back gardens all over the country. Egg rolling is additionally popular; people painted hard-boiled eggs against other people’s eggs and therefore the winner is that the person whose egg remains whole.


Food is a big part of the Easter celebrations in the UK with Easter lunch with family and friends. The most traditional food is roasted lamb which is often eaten with a simmel cake and chocolate egg. Tables will be filled with spring flowers such as daffodils, white lilies, and tulips, and yellow and gold have nice and beautiful decorations.

Easter Sunday with Bano India will be celebrated on 4 April (Sunday).

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