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Wholesale B2B Marketplace India

by Bano India
Wholesale B2B Marketplace

There are many companies which wish to enter the digital Wholesale B2B Marketplace India space with often very little knowledge about it. Such aspects adds to the disordered operations and pose an unwieldy

challenge of refurbishing the whole sector. Online b2b marketplace for manufacturer

The B2B sector also has to battle the economics of logistics and reverse logistics. For one, delivering bulk quantities at the earliest is fraught with its own set of challenges; wholesale b2b marketplace India the dynamics are further skewed when we factor in cross-border transactions and delivery to remote locations.

Online Reasons

  • Saves time, effort and money.
  • Larger target customer and seller base.
  • More reachability to different geographical regions of India. Adding convenience of home shopping.
  • Larger scope for Unrecognized brands to sell their products to a bigger customer base and become a known brand.
  • Wide variety/range of products are available on a single platform.
  • Lower prices and attractive discounts.
  • Get detailed information about the product.
  • Simultaneous comparison between different products.
  • Whole World is becoming digitalized.

How Bano India Can help you grow ?

  • Retailer’s direct connectivity with all big and small manufacturers in India.
  • Bano India supports vocal for local initiatives. It does not promote any foreign manufacturers to retailers.
  • Helps our local manufacturers to reach and penetrate far-off locations in pan India. wholesale b2b marketplace India
  • Helping manufacturers to increase their product sales and brand visibility in front of their target customers.
  • Reduced all intermediate margins resulting in attractive discounts and offers.
  • No limit on the number of orders. Covers all orders from small to large.
  • Helps in reducing the stock inventory

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